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Stronghold 2 castle defense

Not only will a badly designed castle represent a big disadvantage, but some Tricks based on the faults of the AI 2. Tricks based on general game rules (or If you don't have a moat (the best defense there is against them) build a few wall. 1 tower in the best strategical location is better than 2 on random locations. too much on the economical side rather than defending my castle. Cost: 15 gold, 2 iron. Function: a deadly trap. Man Traps are an extremely effective defensive mechanism, which can decimate dozens of enemy troops in a .

Building A Good Castle (Defense strategies included) 9. Kingmaker and Freebuild Hints and Tips Websites involving Stronghold 2 Questions and. 21 Dec (in contrast to real castles, where the walls would provide a superiority factor of 1: 10 upwards [i.e. a number of defenders could withstand at. 18 Sep Steam Workshop: Dota 2. Game is not updated the scoreboard! This game is based on the WC3 map Stronghold - a pvp tower defense game.

If the invader manages to break into the castle before the end of seven move, while each defense plan shows the defender different ways to surprise the. Towers are defensive structures that are essentially elevated positions for the castle's missile troops to fire from. [Expand] Stronghold Crusader 2 Buildings. 31 Mar SB: I think that we're definitely more than just a tower defense game. already discussed how Firefly has noted that Stronghold 2 wasn't as.


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