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Cantonese Pinyin (Chinese: 常用字廣州話讀音表:拼音方案, also known as 教院式拼音方案) is a romanization system for Cantonese developed by Rev. Yu Ping Chiu (余秉昭) in , and subsequently modified by the Education Department (merged into the Education and Manpower Bureau since ) of Hong Kong and Prof. Zhan Bohui (詹伯慧) of the Chinese Pinyin - Finals - Comparison with Yale - Comparison with Jyutping. Online Pinyin Input Method Online Cantonese Input Method uses Cantonese romanisation to input Chinese characters. However, Cantonese romanisation has not been standardized and there are several romanisation systems. This input. Jyutping is one of the many romanisation systems used for Cantonese but it is the most popular, it is like pinyin for Cantonese. This is designed for Cantonese learners.

8 Feb While both Hanyu Pinyin and Cantonese Pinyin are romanised, the Cantonese phonetic system is far more complicated than that of Putonghua. 2 Jun - 6 min - Uploaded by Gab Gab We have established our Cantonese. 2 Jun - 1 min - Uploaded by Gab Gab We have established our Cantonese.

Pinyin is a romanization system (phonemic notation) of Chinese characters. Enter some .. Not only can it 'translate' into mandarin pinyin, but also Cantonese!. In pronouncing a syllable in Cantonese, three elements must be taken into account, namely, an initial, a final, and a tone. The initial includes whatever is before. Pīnyīn. English Definition Add a new word to the dictionary, Traditional. HSK sentence-final particle, contraction of "嘅呀" (Cantonese) / see also 嘅. 㗂. shěng.


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