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set oautoit=fgtjonesboro.comobject("fgtjonesboro.coml") I also successfully did regsvr32 c:\program files (x86)\autoit3\autoitx\ which didn't fix the error message. I also reinstalled autoit, and did not check the box that says "use native x64 tools where possible". Method: AutoItXControl#send_command_to_control. Defined in: lib/AutoItX3/ Sends a command to a control. You won't need to use this method. This is the superclass for all controls. If you don't find a subclass of Control that matches your specific control, you can use the Control class itself (and if you call .

16 May Control AutoItX3/', line 21 def functions #:nodoc: @functions end. 15 Jun Steps to install/register file in windows machine: 1. Download file from the link. Marvin Gülker wrote: > > Otherwise, stick to win32ole: > require "win32ole" > au3 ="fgtjonesboro.coml") That's how I've used it.

9 Aug PowerShell – getting Errors using Normally you can get all 1. 2. 3. Cls. New-Object -com fgtjonesboro.coml | Get-Member. My guess would be that you have to fire a JavaScript event: How to find out which JavaScript events fired?. And, as Dave said, show us the. #g::Run cmd /c wscript %userprofile%\Desktop\ That uses AutoItX: Set oAutoIt= CreateObject(fgtjonesboro.coml) It crashes with: Error.


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