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Abandoned Places

Here's a selection of some of the most ghostly abandoned places around the world, every single one of which has its own special charm. Beneath all the dust, . 21 Jul Some of these abandoned and haunted places will creep you out a little, but if you are anything like us you will want to go and visit all of them. 15 Feb Here, we've compiled a list of 4 creepy abandoned places in South Korea. Are the rumors real, or are they just baseless urban legends?.

16 Jan Creepy ghost towns, abandoned theme parks, prisons, and more unusual ruins and forgotten places across the United States. Recently I stumbled across a cool place near Gireum which was cleared out for (I believe) the construction of new apartment buildings. I went. With Korea's long history, you have to expect more than a few ghost stories. Listed below are ten places in South Korea known to have intense spiritual activity.

4 Dec SEE ALSO: More abandoned amusement parks and abandoned theme parks around the world // More abandoned places in the Philippines. 3 Nov Buildings in the town are falling apart, and their insides are often but Kolmanskop is still one of the most hauntingly abandoned ghost towns. 27 Jan Urban exploration is becoming more common of an activity now in the internet age, with a list of “10 Most Fill-in-the-Blank Abandoned Places”.


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